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  1. Claudia Haviland says:

    Always check at your grocery store for any discounts that it might offer. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. My local ShopRite offers a 5% discount to seniors on Wednesdays. Therefore that is the day that I grocery shop. I know that some places have veterans discounts. It never hurts to check.

    My ShopRite also has a loyalty card, which I use extensively. I check the weekly sales flyers and use the store’s digital coupons.

    I spend a lot of time compiling my grocery list. I use the store’s online website for this. I start with a wish list on Sunday. By Tuesday evening I have reviewed it several times, refined it, and then ask my husband to review it for any additions or deletions.

    I work very hard to reduce food waste because that is just wasted money. I have not gotten us down to zero food waste, but I am working on it.

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